#80 Prepare for Databricks Data Engineer Associate certification exam part #5: Practice test samples

Hang Nguyen
8 min readJan 12, 2023

Databricks Academy

Databricks offers its own practice exam sample with answers. This is helpful in a way that one has to do his/her own research on why one answer to a particular question is considered correct, while others are not. However, if you are not that confident even after finishing this practice exam sample, there are still plenties of them on Udemy :) The goal is to pass all practice exams with a passed threshold of 90–100%, then you are good to go with the actual exam. I myself made an effort to do all 5 practice tests until I got around 97–100% for all tests. The actual test felt then, in my opinion, easier :)

Here are some questions that I find worth noting down while going through practice tests on Udemy


Delta Lake supports generated columns which are a special type of columns whose values are automatically generated based on a user-specified function over other columns in the Delta table. When you write to a table with generated columns and you do not explicitly provide values for them, Delta Lake automatically computes the values.





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